ďMargaret has presented several workshops at Rocky Bay.  The clinicians, direct care support staff, and clients who have attended have all been very impressed with Margaretís delivery style and the way she is able to capture your attention and drive home key messages.  She is a clear speaker and demonstrates a passion for whatever she is presenting, which in turn generates enthusiasm and interest.  I am confident that Margaretís services would benefit anyone interested in using them. My own experience in working with her on many occasions has been very positive and exciting, and I have learnt a great deal.Ē


Linda Chiu

Director Clinical Services

Rocky Bay Inc, WA


Working in the male dominated world of AFL football calls for skills matched with genuine product knowledge.  To be successful in such a competitive environment, you need to be a leader in your field. 


Margaret Potter was the leader I needed to change the way football umpires went about their business and subsequently change the way people perceive themselves within the football community.  She oversaw the change by committing all resources to the task, with the end result being change that was easily measured.  As a result of her efforts we set new targets, promoted new ideas and generated new funds to develop the game.  The success of her programs will be recorded for years and I await the next opportunity in which we can work together again.



David R Johnson

CEO Asthma Foundation of WA

Former State Director of Umpiring WA

 ďAs a teacher, Margaretís wealth of knowledge, combined with very practical application of her years of learning makes her one of the most inspirational teachers I have come across. She has an intuitive awareness of human nature, and this combined with extensive teaching experience, enables her to facilitate and optimise the learning process for all individuals she teaches, as well as make it an extremely enjoyable experience.  She has provided me with invaluable advice and support during many transition phases in my career and assisted me with interpersonal communication skills with both patients and colleagues in the often difficult sporting arena, resulting in beneficial results for patients, and much improved and productive working relationships. She has helped me identify and overcome barriers to learning and communication which has been invaluable when dealing with patients, athletes, as well as students and colleagues.  I would unreservedly recommend Margaretís services to anyone seeking to improve their interpersonal skills and performance in both work and sport.Ē


Angela Cadogan

Physiotherapist Ė NZ Cricket High Performance Centre.

Sports Medicine & Science Coordinator (NZ Womenís Cricket)



"Smart Moves has measurably improved our team work. Marg Potter presented a new model for identifying and working within professional boundaries that was challenging yet approachable. It has already become an integral part of how we think and work, and I am confident it will continue to unlock even greater value for our staff in their home lives as well as their professional relationships."


Sarah Love

Senior Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Princess Margaret Hospital



Margaret has a wealth of abilities including excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills, is a great manager and leader.  What sets her apart from many is her undying commitment to whatever task she takes on, her professional attitude and the standards she sets for herself.  She has made a valuable contribution to our organisation and we will  endeavour to retain her services on an ongoing basis.


Anne Johnston

Executive Officer

Sports Medicine Australia (WA Branch) Inc



As a consultant Margaret has developed resources and delivered workshops for staff and consumers of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Participants in her educational sessions have been impressed with her knowledge and delivery style, which includes humour and enthusiasm to maintain audience interest and to encourage participation.  Margaret is efficient and communicates effectively.  I would recommend Margaretís services as she demonstrates she has a range of talents including project coordination, facilitation and highly developed presentation skills.  My own experience in working with her on many occasions has been very positive and exciting, and I have learnt a great deal.



Sue Shapland

Senior Manager

Member Services

Multiple Sclerosis Society



Dr Margaret Potter is an exceptional presenter. Her program addressing "Professional Boundaries" was tailored to meet the differing needs of our clinical teams and expertly delivered.  I would not hesitate to engage her services to meet future learning needs.


Kim Gibson
Adjunct Associate Professor,
Curtin University


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