Professional and Life Coaching

Margaret  is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.brings care, training, experience, care, skill and absolute confidentiality to her 1-1 client and group coaching sessions. You bring your issues and concerns and together you will work on your short, medium and long-term goals.

Professional Development Training

With a broad range of knowledge and skills in the health care, education, sport and recreation sectors, Margaret can work with you to develop a presentation or workshop that will meet your needs.  Here is a list of presentation/workshop topics that she has covered in the past. 

Health Care Relationships




Psychology of injury and rehabilitation


Making tutorials interactive & interesting

Professional boundaries in health care

Goal setting


Giving lectures: Tips for presenters



Use of imagery in rehabilitation


Learning contracts: Making students accountable



Use of relaxation training in rehabilitation


Conference presenting made easy

Performance management

Pain behaviours


Innovative Assessment

Managing difficult clients/patients

Behaviour modification


Students on clinical placement in the health sector: A help or a hindrance?

Self-care for health professionals: Helping helpers help themselves!

Use of cognitive restructuring in rehabilitation

Supervisory models for health care professionals

Optimising communication with clients in health care

Managing difficult clients/patients


Applying research methods in the clinical setting or work setting: Does it have to be difficult?

Influencing the interaction: Facilitating behaviour change

Motivation and adherence



Accountability and responsibility: Actions vs outcomes

Establishing client-Health professional contracts


Client-centred care vs family centred care

The Biopsychosocial model vs the Medical Model

Legal and ethical issues in health care


Meeting the expectations of clients: Should we just do what they want?

How can carers help?  Supporting the health and well-being of disabled clients. 

What is constructive feedback?


Motivating staff: From marking time to making a mark!

Sport Psychology

Attention and concentration

Coping with change


Developing Emotional Intelligence 

Psychological Skills Training to improve performance

Documentation in health care: What and Why?

 Advanced Communication Skills

Dealing with performance anxiety

DSS Std 9: Protection of Human Rights and Freedom from Abuse and Neglect

Mindsight & Mindfulness 

Goal setting


 Effectively managing complaints

Reading & responding to NV cues


Motivating jobseekers within the disability sector 



Making connections: Improving memory 

In addition, Margaret has considerable expertise in the following areas:

  • Group facilitation
  • Curriculum design
  • Program evaluation
  • Assessment in higher education
  • Policy writing
  • Report writing
  • Project management


If you would like to discuss how Smart Moves can assist you call Margaret on mobile: 0413 335 825, or send an email to


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