• Training in Health Care, Sport and Recreation

A diverse range of workshops & presentations are available for staff across all health care disciplines and in the sport and recreation sectors


F     All sessions are tailored to meet the needs of participants

F     Participants will be engaged and informed with the innovative, interactive educational style used

F     The focus is always on providing useful information and practical skills that can be readily implemented



  • Teaching and Learning

Support for students & educators, either individually or in small groups. 


Why request support for your teaching and learning?


·         You are a student who:

F     struggles to understand lecture content

F     needs to work out a study plan

F     wants to improve your recall

F     wants to learn mind mapping


·         You are an educator who:

F     wants to discuss new ideas for presenting information

F     wants to develop alternative approaches for conducting tutorials

F     wants to develop innovation in curriculum design and assessment

F     wants to get an experienced consultant's perspective on your teaching.


  • Systems Analysis and Performance Management

System/process design and analysis to improve day-to-day operations in your workplace or business is available, along with staff training and performance management strategies to optimise profitability, staff morale and teamwork.   


Smart Moves can be of benefit ifÖ

F     You donít have standard operating procedures in place, or you want to improve your existing systems to maximise efficiency and therefore profits;

F     You need comprehensive policies or operating manuals for your business, but donít have the time or the know-how to develop these;

F     You have the necessary procedures in place, but require staff development and team building strategies to optimise the performance of your business



  • Coaching

Smart Moves will provide strategies to enhance personal and professional development for people from all walks of life (e.g., athletes, coaches, administrators, academics, students, employers and employees)   


Do you need a Coach?

F     You have a particular problem (e.g., lack of confidence, want help to set realistic goals, dealing with a difficult person) and need some one-on-one advice/assistance;

F     You are a designated manager, employer or leader and want to improve your communication skills so you can work more effectively with others;

F     You have lost your work-life balance and canít see an easy way out!



  • Research

At Smart Moves we can train, or supervise you in the design, implementation and evaluation of a research problem, or alternatively we can undertake one or more of these processes on your behalf.


F     Do you want to conduct some Quality Assurance research to ascertain the value of your service, but youíre not sure how to go about it?;

F     Do you have staff who are willing to participate in research, but who lack the necessary research skills and/or confidence?;

F     Do you want help formulating a research question, writing a research proposal, or in conducting and writing up a research project?



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